Commands related to Colors


Process conversion

This action is only included for legacy reasons.
For new implementations, please use the "Convert colors" fixup, which you can configure via the desktop UI.

pdfToolbox --convertcolors [--spotcolor=spotcolor] --destination=destination] [--source=source]


Prepares the current PDF for the chosen printing condition and carries out the necessary color conversion. For further information on setting up configuration files (*.cfg) see "Policies" in the callas pdfToolbox manual. You can either define a separate config file for each of source, spot color and destination or only use one of the switches with a single config file containing all necessary conversion parameters.


full path to a cfg file defining the spot color options, pre-installed config files can be found in <Application folder>/var/Actions/ConvertColors/SpotColors
full path to a cfg file defining the
destination options, pre-installed config files can be found in <Application folder>/var/Actions/ConvertColors/Destination


pdfToolbox --convertcolors --spotcolor=<spot config file>
--destination=<destination config file>
--source=<source config file> <PDF file>

Extract ICC profiles

pdfToolbox --extracticcprofiles


Saves all embedded ICC profiles from the document. Profiles of ICC based color spaces as well as ICC profiles used in Output Intents are extracted.


pdfToolbox --extracticcprofiles <PDF file>

Extract or embed CxF data

pdfToolbox --cxf [--extract | --embed=<path to folder with CxF file>]


Extracts or Embeds CxF data from or into the current PDF file.
See this chapter for more details regarding CxF.


--extract Extracts all CxF data from a PDF into XML files
--embed> Embeds CxF files into the Output Intent of a PDF and adds corresponding XMP metadata
(e.g. --embed=<Path to folder with CxF file>

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