Error codes and Return codes for Quick Check Results

As described in the previous article "Structure and syntax of Quick Check output", in the "status" block some entries give more details about the result of the performed QuickCheck.

Beside the "level" entry, a "returncode" is included, which gives helpful information especially if the processing was not successful.

List of possible Error codes and Return codes

Error or Return code
0 No error (successful analysis)
10 Unable to open config file for reading
11 Unable to open pdf file for reading
12 Unable to open json file for writing
20 An unknown error has occurred
21 Unable to write pdf file, file access error
22 Undefined Mediabox, minimum page size should be 3 by 3 units
23 An error has occurred in flate encoder
24 An error has occurred in flate decoder
25 An error has occurred in lzw decoder
26 An error has occurred in ASCII-85 decoder
27 An error has occurred in ASCII-Hex decoder
28 An error has occurred in RunLength decoder
29 An error has occurred in prediction decoder
30 An error has occurred in dct (jpeg-image) decoder
31 File offset is greater than 9999999999 bytes. PDF only allows offsets up to 10 decimal digits
32 The required resource name is too large, too much resources are required
33 A spot color space has no name or a wrong alternate color space type
34 A path length entry is out of range
35 There are too many PDF files open
36 Unable to open the PDF file for import
37 PDF file is not supported, it might be encrypted
38 Unable to parse pdf file, syntax error found
39 The page could not be found
40 A given parameter is invalid or wrong
41 The given object number is invalid
42 A inline-image contains an ID without a BI
43 A content stream contains illegal commands
44 A resource could not be found
45 A given resource is wrong
46 A given function object is wrong
47 Unable to read font resource
48 Unable to find glyphs in current font
49 An error has occured in XMP Metadata function
50 Invalid context (e.g. a context is popped wich never was pushed)
51 Page without underlay or overlay reservation
52 The keycode you have entered is invalid
53 The keycode you have entered has expired
54 Unable to draw barcode
55 Unable to open icc profile from file path
56 Unable to read all required encryption parameter
57 The page limit is exhausted
58 Too many parallel processes
59 The requested barcode is not supported
60 Unable to read all linearized hint data
61 There are too many colorants in a DeviceN color space, the limit is 32
62 Unable to execute shared resource objects process
63 Unable to open, read or write temporary file
64 Unable to process a given png image file

Unable to process a given gif image file

66 The given file is empty
67 File could not be identified as a PDF file
68 The PDF file is encrypted and need a password to open
100 --Exception caught-- "<CCW Exceptions Message>"
101 Unable to remove corrupt json file after fatal error occured
110 --Access violation caught-- "Fatal error - abort"
113 Conversion did not finish during user specified timeout