Using pdfToolbox Docker images from docker hub

pdfToolbox can now be executed using pre-built Docker images. A 'dockerized' pdfToolbox image can be found here on dockerhub.

Docker is an open platform for running (also developing and shipping) applications. More information can be found here.

Licensing will usually take place using a License Server (running outside the Docker Container). The reason is that you can't save activation information in the Docker image: that information has to be unique to each running instance of pdfToolbox.

You may either use License Server in the cloud or set up your own callas License Server. For OEM use there are licenses that do not have to be activated but require an agreement with callas software ([email protected]).

'Pull' pdfToolbox image

$ docker pull callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli
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The following command will pull pdfToolbox image from the registry.

The result looks like this:

$ docker pull callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli
31dd5ebca5ef: Pull complete 
25df7e8b34ee: Pull complete 
4ee0f1459523: Pull complete 
9cffbb71d639: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:c85f79882d3de0f866ea4ab0cc3108d4772661942ff3d88e4bd909997e7e7221
Status: Downloaded newer image for callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli:latest
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Some other usage examples

docker pull callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli:v13-1-586
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docker pull callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli:v13-1-586-essential
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Images tagged with essential have been reduced by following the instructions here.

Run pdfToolbox

The following example runs pdfToolbox using a sample preflight profile with a sample PDF contained within the image.

docker run --rm -ti callassoftware/pdftoolbox-cli  ./pdfToolbox --licenseserver=<ip of a callas license server> sample.kfpx sample.pdf
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The sample would then be executed as follows:

Profile	/opt/callas/callas_pdfToolboxCLI_x64_Linux_13-1-586/sample.kfpx	
Input	/opt/callas/callas_pdfToolboxCLI_x64_Linux_13-1-586/sample.pdf	
Pages	1	
Progress	1	%
Variable	downsampleImages	1	
Variable	downsampleTo	100	
Variable	forImagesAbove	110.00000000000001	
Progress	6	%
Progress	26	%
Progress	30	%
Fix	Downsample color images	
Fix	Convert Color	
Fix	Set transparency blend color space	
Fix	Auto-correct nesting of page geometry boxes	
Progress	48	%
Progress	49	%
Fix	Compress all uncompressed objects using lossless ZIP compression	
Progress	50	%
Progress	72	%
Progress	80	%
Fix	Convert to PDF/X-4	
Progress	100	%
Summary	Corrections	135
Summary	Errors	0
Summary	Warnings	0
Summary	Infos	0
Output	/opt/callas/callas_pdfToolboxCLI_x64_Linux_13-1-586/sample_0001.pdf	
Finished	/opt/callas/callas_pdfToolboxCLI_x64_Linux_13-1-586/sample.pdf	
Duration	00:02
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