Converting office documents to PDF or PDF/A

Input files from Office applications

The CLI component is able to convert common file formats from Office applications directly to PDF/A. For more information and a list of supported appli­cations and files have a look at: (for pdfaPilot) (for pdfToolbox)

  • Note: Since pdfToolbox11/pdfaPilot 9/pdfEngine 11 onwards in the 64bit variant on Windows, the Libre/OpenOffice has to be 64bit as well (and 32bit when the 32bit variant is installed).

Forced use of OpenOffice


When defined, Microsoft Office files are processed with OpenOffice (or LibreOffice if installed).

Create PDF for screen display


Images from Office documents will have lower quality, result file will be smaller.
Default in callas pdfaPilot.

Create PDF for print


The PDF will be created with image resolution sufficient for printing, thus leading to larger files.
Default in callas pdfToolbox.

Excel-Sheets without removing white space


Use Excel page layout, white space will not be removed.  

Special handling for MS Office files


Special parameters to achieve some special layouts for MS Office files.



Show columns which are not visible due to small width or other settings. (for Office files processed with MS Excel only). Note: When --topdf_useexcelpagelayout is used, this parameter will not be respected.

Shrinks the content of a cell so that the content fits inside. (for Office files processed with MS Excel only). Note: When --topdf_useexcelpagelayout is used, this parameter will not be respected.
Images will have bigger resolu-tions and comments/annotations (e.g. from tracking changes) will be included as well (for Office files processed with MS Word only; can not be combined with --topdf_print).
Updates the changed fields like automatically generated Table of contents. By default, such fields are not updated (for Office files processed with MS Word only)
DoNotHideOffice Parameter to avoid hiding Office application for a successful conversion to PDF
Parameter to to disable  internal memory optimization during processing for improved performance

Logging of dialogs in defined log file



path Path to folder or logfile.

All dialogs occuring during processing the office file will be logged within this file.

  • Note: See the "to PDF" internet page (listed above) for further information about handling of dialogs from MS Office applications.