Links between HTML files are preserved when converted into a single PDF

The example creates a single PDF out of 9 different pieces (index.html files). The table of contents on the second "page" of the first input index.html (0000 - Cover and TOC) has links to all other input files. These remain working in the result PDF.

The sample has a build script in the respective folder that allows for creating a result PDF from the single source files on a Unix/Linux based computer. The following should work on Windows with a proper path to pdfChip and when executed from the root folder of the example.

"C:\Program folder\callas pdfChip\pdfChip" --overlay=".\_resources\html\overlay.html" --underlay=".\_resources\html\underlay.html" ".\0000 - Cover and TOC\index.html" ".\0100 - pdfChip in a Nutshell\index.html" ".\0200 - What pdfChip is not\index.html" ".\0300 - The History of pdfChip\index.html" ".\0400 - Main Features\index.html" ".\0500 - Learning pdfChip - the Tutorial\index.html" ".\0600 - pdfChip Use Cases\index.html" ".\0700 - Licensing and Flavors\index.html" ".\0800 - Where to Go from Here\index.html" ".\pdfChip Introduction.pdf"
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pdfChip takes more than one input file and merges them into a single output file (if not otherwise directed e.g. in the cchip.PrintLoop).

Beginning with pdfChip 1.2 links between several input HTML files are transferred into PDF links. In the example that results in a Table of Contents page that accurately links to the respective chapters in the manual.

Please note that this is an old version of the pdfChip manual, so it should only be used for testing pdfChip and not for reading about pdfChip. E.g. the old manual does not have any information that "Links between HTML files are sustained when converted into a single PDF"...