How to create ITF-14 barcode with bearer bars

The ITF-14 barcode is one of the very few barcodes for which use of so called bearer bars are defined.

Normally, bearer bars are only created at the top and the bottom of a barcode. In cases where bearer bars are created on all four sides,  it is important to provide space for the bearer bars to the left and to the right of the barcode in the form of a properly sized quiet zones. Using a value of zero for the quiet zone will lead to an error when creating a barcode.

An HTML file with the code used for this example is available for download:

Relevant HTML source code for the barcode object:

	<object type="application/barcode" style="height: 0.5in"> 
		<param name="type" value="ITF 14 (GTIN 14)">
		<param name="modulewidth" value="0.254mm">
		<param name="data" id="id_barcodevalue" value="00614141999996">
		<param name="quietzoneleft" value="1">
		<param name="quietzoneright" value="1">
		<param name="quietzoneunit" value="in">
		<param name="bearerbars"  value="topbottom">
		<param name="bearerwidth"  value="0.01in">

PDF output from example file