Create a simple HTML template

The InDesign Ticket Example

Attached is an InDesign file as an example for a Ticket.

The InDesign Tickt Example has some text using a free font "Free Universal", some images and a color bar at the bottom in a spot color. All other colors are defined in CMYK.

You should download unpack and open the file in order to follow the steps of this article.

Export the InDesign file into a pdfChip HTML template using the Scripts palette

The "export2pdfChip.jsx" script will create a folder next to the InDesign file

This new folder contains the new HTML template for pdfChip.

In order to create a PDF file from it you can now convert it with pdfChip (on command line or integrated into your environment or by using an editor with a build interface like Sublime).

You may now open the result in pdfToolbox or any other PDF viewer

If you then analyse the PDF, e.g. with pdfToolbox' "List page objects by type of object" profile, you will see that the export has accurately taken all CMYK colors, fonts, images etc. into the HTML template from where pdfChip has then created a printable PDF file:

Fonts are embedded, vector graphics are using CMYK or spot color and images are using ICCbased CMYK.