Running the License Server on-premise

If you intend to use License Server in failover mode, the content of this article doesn't apply to you. Please refer to the article on using License Server in failover mode.

In order to be able to use the License Server, it has to be started. This is done using the "server" command as follows:

licenseserver --server
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In order to run the license server the --cachefolder option must point to the cache folder that was specified during installation (--keycode command). The --server command has several options for setup of failover, logging, REST interface and remote installation of cartridges.

When using this command, the License Server starts listening for incoming connections on port 1400 (default). The port can be changed using the "port" option.

licenseserver --server --port=1444
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In order to disallow the remote installation and deinstallation of cartridges for everybody with access to the host, a password can be specified. If no password option is given, a default password is used and anyone who has a copy of the license server application and network access to the license server can --install and --uninstall cartridges remotely!

licenseserver --server [--password=password]
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