Using the License Server in a Dispatcher environment

The License Server provides a means to store licenses in a centralized repository. It can make sense to combine this with distributed processing organized from a centralized entity. This entity can be a callas pdfToolbox Dispatcher or callas pdfaPilot Dispatcher (Dispatcher). You should read the linked article if you are not familiar with Satellite, Dispatcher and Client in a distributed processing environment in order to understand this article.

The Dispatcher needs to be activated as usual, however, in a License Server environment this could be done using the License Server. This requires a special Run Count cartridge for the Dispatcher (the Dispatcher cannot be used with Credits) on that License Server; pricing is the same as for a regular Dispatcher license. The Dispatcher would then be started using the --licenseserver command, same as any other instance that wants us activate itself using the License Server.

When a Satellite is started and connected to the Dispatcher it should at the same time use the --licenseserver option to also connect to the License Server. Since a Satellite is not started per job but rather runs in listening mode this call would not use any of the Cartridge assets (Run Count or Credits) on the License Server. But when then a job is submitted from a Client via the Dispatcher to the Satellite it would use these assets in the same way as a "normal" pdfToolbox instance would do.

There is no need to use the --licenseserver option in a call to the Dispatcher on a Client, however if that option is present it is also passed to the Satellite and consolidated with the License Server list that was established when the Satellite was started.