Cartridge types

Cartridges allow the License Server to give permission to other callas software applications to run. Each cartridge is linked to a specific callas software product. In an environment where you would like to use pdfToolbox and pdfChip, the License Server would need a cartridge for pdfToolbox and one for pdfChip. The License Server can have as many cartridges installed as required and those cartridges can be of different types.

This article describes the two types of cartridges supported.

Process cartridges

Process cartridges enable the License Server to allow a specific number of processes to run in parallel. The cartridge specifies how many parallel processes are allowed. Each callas software application that wants to process a PDF document requests permission to the License Server and will get permission to run if there are still unclaimed processes available.

Credit cartridges

Credit cartridges enable the License Server to allow an unlimited amount of parallel processes to run. Each time a callas software application asks permission to process a file, the License Server will grant permission. After the file has been processed, the License Server will subtract a number of credits from the available credits in the cartridge. One credit is subtracted per second of processing time.