Migrate to a different location

Since version 1.1.008, there is an easier way to move the activation to a different location (different machine or different user account) including all activated Cartridges with much fewer steps.

Deactivate on old location

The License Server has to be stopped first.

To start the migration process, a CLI call with the following syntax has to be entered:

 licenseServer --migrate [--cachefolder=cachefolder] <archive path>

When executing this call, an archive file will be created in the defined archive path and the LicenseServer and the Cartridges will become deactivated.

Now move this file to the new location.

Restore on new location

After moving the archive file to the new location, just use the following CLI command to restore the Cartridge and the License Server license.

licenseServer --restore [--cachefolder=cachefolder] <archive path>

Where "archive path" is the accessible and valid path to the archive file.

The output on the STDOUT has to be sent to the email address mentioned at the beginning of this output.
This will register the deactivation of the old License Server as well as the activation on the new location at the callas activation system and you will receive a reply email containing a new 'Activation.pdf'.

Store this "Activation.pdf" at a place which is accessible for the License Server and call the following command:

licenseServer --activate <activation>

Now the License Server and the Cartridges are activated and can be used for production again.