Using the License Server


This article refers to the use of the License Server as a SaaS solution. If you are interested in the License Server on-premise, please refer to the following chapters:

There is no need to activate the License Server or to install Cartridges in it. Instead, each user has a Wallet in which the associated resources (Cartridges) are saved. The Wallet is referenced via a Wallet ID, that the user will receive when the first Cartridge is purchased. (Cartridges can be purchased from those partners where also regular pdfToolbox Licenses are available.)

The URL for License Server is

Using the License Server

It is straightforward to use License Server on command line or in the SDK.

The parameter to reference a License Server needs to specify the URL of License Server and an additional parameter "lsmessage" needs to specify the Wallet ID.


./pdfToolbox --lsmessage=<Wallet ID> sample.kfpx sample.pdf -o=output.pdf

Monitoring the License Server

In order to monitor what Cartridges are available for a Wallet ID and what Cartridges are currently in use the License Server webinterface can be used:

The Wallet identifier is then to be entered into the input field to display the information for that Wallet. 

For automated monitoring purposes it is also possible to receive the monitoring data in a .json format. 

The following example uses the curl command. This will return a list of all cartridges and a list of all current sessions.


curl -XGET -H "content-type: application/json" -H "X-Wallet-ID: <the wallet ID>" 
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