Create Booklet

In the “Arrange” category, you will find the “Booklet” Action, which you can use to turn a multi-page file into a booklet.

You can specify the set size and the horizontal/vertical offset, as well as specifying whether cut marks should be added to each resulting page.

PDF consisting of individual pages

The input document consists of a number of individual pages. In this example, we will use the pdfToolbox manual.

PDF bestehend aus Einzelseiten

Call up the Booklet Action

After selecting the “Booklet” Action from the Switchboard, the parameters mentioned above will be shown.

Here, you must most importantly set the desired sheet size for the finished brochure, as well as defining its orientation.

Aktion Broschüre aufrufen

Results with double-sided pages

The parameters shown in the screenshot above will produce the following result when executed. This is designed for double-sided printing with saddle stitching.

Ergebnis mit Doppelseiten